Why SEO Important Nowadays?

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For website operators, of course, the legitimate question is: Why SEO at all? What are the advantages of customer acquisition via Google search results and how do the costs of SEO differ from other online channels?

Services and products are increasingly sought online. As a company without a website, you have almost lost it these days. But what good is a great Internet presence if you are not easily found among the billions of other websites on the Internet? This is where search engine optimization, or SEO for short, comes into play.

As a discipline of online marketing, SEO in particular has recently been discussed among experts as the marketing measure par excellence. But why is that actually?

Why SEO makes sense: top reasons

We have summarized the main advantages of search engine optimization for you:

  • From a cost perspective, SEO is more sustainable than advertising with pay-per-click systems such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads (see also SEO and Google AdWords in comparison )
  • Advantages of pull marketing: The customer is already interested and therefore particularly relevant for the advertiser
  • Search engine optimization is not perceived as advertising and thus leads to more clicks
  • Significant increase in brand awareness through SEO

The disadvantage of search engine optimization is the higher start-up costs and the longer optimization time compared to other channels.

Depending on the business model and target group, the added value of SEO can vary.

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